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Gout in Images: Elbow Gout

Gout is a type of arthritis and affect thousands each year. It is very painful and can halt a person’s daily routine consuming their attention and energy.

Is gout without high uric acid levels possible?

It may seem paradoxical but there are some rare cases wherein a low to normal uric acid level may present itself at the onset of gout. Hyperuricemia is the condition where the level of uric acid in the blood is abnormally high. Gout cannot NOT be caused by this as it is the crystallization of […]

Gout Terms Defined: Polyarticular Gout

Welcome as we premiere another segment here at Got Gout? called Gout Terms Defined; what it is about is pretty much self-explanatory. Definition of “polyarticular gout” Today’s term is actually quite simple, even though it may seem and sound medically deep. “Polyarticular” comes from the Latin word articulus, which means joint or a joint. Polyarticular […]

Gout Questions Answered: Is Gout Contagious?

Answering this question seems like a backwards move for Got Gout? as we have covered far more advanced topics in previous posts. However, this also marks our decision to conjure a regular questions-and-answers segment wherein we’ll answer every conceivable gout-related inquiry for any discerning patient—newbies or veterans alike. So, going back to the question: NO, […]

Gout in Images: Tophi

I have found that small amounts of uric acid are found in humans. High levels of uric acid in our body can be caused by foods rich in purine. When there is too much uric acid in the blood, the condition known as hyperuricemia begins to happen and can trigger the painful gout.

Nuts About Gout: Do Nuts Cause Gout?

To be able to answer this question comprehensively, we need to first split it into two contexts: first is if nuts directly cause gout, and second, if nuts are bad for gout. To tell you the truth, I am one of the many who have always associated nuts with gout. Call it wisdom of the […]

From a gout perspective, what are tophi?

Defining tophi in the context of gout Tophi is a step up for the worse in the world of gout as it is a rife accumulation of uric acid crystals, enough to break through the skin and cause malformation. Those not in the know may ask the question “what is tophi?” which is grammatically incorrect. […]

Main Symptoms of Gout in the Fingers

Gout may be a common ailment, but gout in the fingers is rather rare. Even if you have had gout (elsewhere) in the past, the symptoms—when it happens in the fingers—may come as a surprise to you. For one, non-gouty arthritis normally happens in the hands so there can be some misdiagnosis at the start. […]

Gout in Images: Uric Acid Crystals

Gout is defined by the existence of one and only one thing: uric acid crystals. Known otherwise as urate crystals or gout crystals, once these form—on joints; from excess uric acid, of course—all hell breaks loose. But, what exactly do these crystals look like? This post is a compilation of gout crystal images—actual photos, renderings, […]