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From a gout perspective, what are tophi?

Defining tophi in the context of gout Tophi is a step up for the worse in the world of gout as it is a rife accumulation of uric acid crystals, enough to break through the skin and cause malformation. Those not in the know may ask the question “what is tophi?” which is grammatically incorrect. […]

Main Symptoms of Gout in the Fingers

Gout may be a common ailment, but gout in the fingers is rather rare. Even if you have had gout (elsewhere) in the past, the symptoms—when it happens in the fingers—may come as a surprise to you. For one, non-gouty arthritis normally happens in the hands so there can be some misdiagnosis at the start. […]

Gout in Images: Uric Acid Crystals

Gout is defined by the existence of one and only one thing: uric acid crystals. Known otherwise as urate crystals or gout crystals, once these form—on joints; from excess uric acid, of course—all hell breaks loose. But, what exactly do these crystals look like? This post is a compilation of gout crystal images—actual photos, renderings, […]

Gout and Water: Does Drinking Water Help Gout?

During my early days with gout, someone actually told me that all it took was to drink lots of water. He was not a doctor or anything, but he has had multiple attacks of gout nonetheless; me, on the other hand, was only one episode in back then. In this blog, I usually share my […]

How to Dissolve and Remove Uric Acid Crystals

People with an overabundance of uric acid also known as gout suffer from symptoms such as pain in the joints, stiff and tight joints, and sometimes a lack of mobility in their joints. This medical condition arises when the body’s levels of uric acid increase to unhealthy levels and gout crystals develop and harden around the joints.

Gout Among the Young: Can Children Get Gout?

If you are one of many people who suffer from gout, then chances are that you’ve heard people saying that the is the disease of kings and that the cause of it is too much beer and rich food. This can lead people to thinking that their kids are not at risk from gout, as I’m quite sure your kids don’t drink a lot of beer.

Celery Seed Extract for Gout: What You Need to Know

Celery seed is an excellent herbal remedy to help you eliminate gout pain. Certain herbal remedies are a very good method of helping get rid of an acute attack. This is because they either decrease swelling, improve kidney function, or reduce uric acid. Some such as celery seed do all these things.

The First Signs of a Gout Attack: A Personal Account

The uric acid crystals that cause gout will have been building up in your joints for years before they cause your first actual attack of gout. You may not even realize that the aches and pains are not just normal aging pains until you have a full blown gout attack.

Cherry juice as a remedy for gout

One of the greatest things about fruits is the fact that they can be used for other things than just eating and staying healthy. One thing that has become an emerging treatment for gout is cherry juice. Using a cherry juice gout treatment is something that is certainly up and coming and definitely a great way to relieve the painful inflammation of the joints.

Hot or cold compress for gout?

There seem to be opposing opinions regarding this one; however, since it involves contradicting ideas, the issue should at least be clarified. Going back to the question, the real answer would be that there is no one true answer. First, let me speak from experience. Yes, being that I’m a webmaster of a gout site, […]