Gout in Images: Elbow Gout

Wednesday has sort of unofficially become our Gout in Images day, so today we feature another set of photos related to gout: gout in the elbow.

Unlike most other joints commonly affected by gout, the elbows are more prone to other ailments that have symptoms of inflammation. Regular arthritis is one, and bursitis, the inflammation of the fluid-filled sac called the bursa between the tendon and skin, looks awfully like gout—especially in the elbow—under simple observation.

Anyway, below are some pictures you can use for comparison. The latter photos show tophi have formed. In this case, it would be hard to mistake the condition for any other except gout.

A word of warning once again, this post is not suited for those with a weak stomach.

elbow gout 01

The onset of gout in the elbow. Affected area is clearly swollen and red.

elbow gout 02

Once you feel something in your elbow, visit a physician. It is likely that they will take a fluid sample to analyze for uric acid crystals. Only then can an official diagnosis be made.

elbow gout 03

A more advanced case where tophus is already present.

elbow gout 04

Gout in women is rarer than in men. Older women, or those who are already menopausal, are more at risk.

elbow gout 05

Severe uric acid crystal formation.

elbow gout 06

Another severe and rare case of elbow gout where both elbows are affected.

elbow gout 07

Do not let it come to this. Cases like these have rendered elbows immovable and useless, and would already require removal surgery.

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