Gout in Images: Tophi

This series of photo posts will now become a regular feature here at Got Gout? Today, we follow suit from our previous what-are-tophi article. Gouty tophi, plural of tophus, are very deforming. Most of the pictures here are not for those with a weak stomach—don’t say we did not warn you, it will get really gory.

However, we shall start mildly.

tophus 01

Above is a micrograph—a photo taken from a microscope—of a tophus.

tophus 02

This next photo was taken from an arthroscope while performing removal surgery on a knee joint.

tophus 03

Tophi can occur almost anywhere on the body. Above, the uric acid crystals chose to accumulate on the outer ear.

tophus 04

Another tophus; this time on the helix of the ear.

tophus 05

Tophus on the elbow.

tophus 06

We move over to the hands. This is where it starts to get gory. Tophi at the joints of the finger.

tophus 07

An almost unusable hand with gouty tophi.

tophus 08

Extreme deformation at the index finger.

tophus 09

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse.

tophus 10

Jesus. You can clearly see the removed solidified uric acid crystals.

tophus 11

Picture above shows tophus and not just gout. Swelling from regular gout is more uniform.

tophus 12

Remember this photo? From our uric acid crystals post—surgery to remove crystals on toe.

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