Gout Questions Answered: Is Gout Contagious?

Answering this question seems like a backwards move for Got Gout? as we have covered far more advanced topics in previous posts. However, this also marks our decision to conjure a regular questions-and-answers segment wherein we’ll answer every conceivable gout-related inquiry for any discerning patient—newbies or veterans alike.

So, going back to the question: NO, gout is NOT contagious.

Gout is not an infection; gout is not viral. It is caused by the decisions you make and the lifestyle you choose—the foods you eat, drinking, not exercising, or basically just not taking care of yourself. You cannot possibly give it to someone else just by staying near him or her. If at all, gout is believed to be hereditary which in a very technical way is still “passing it on to someone.”

However, birds of the same feather flock together. I guess it would also be pertinent to note that people from the same household eat the same foods. Friends drink when friends drink. People who do not exercise are probably surrounded by people who are alike. All we’re saying is don’t be surprised if you get gout just around the same time someone you know or are related to does.

Gout is caused by excess uric acid in the body, which is caused by eating foods high in purines. To know everything you need to know about this painful ailment, we highly suggest spending some more time in this site.

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