Is gout without high uric acid levels possible?

It may seem paradoxical but there are some rare cases wherein a low to normal uric acid level may present itself at the onset of gout.

Hyperuricemia is the condition where the level of uric acid in the blood is abnormally high. Gout cannot NOT be caused by this as it is the crystallization of uric acid—from concentration—and the buildup of this on joints that defines gout.

So, how then can gout happen without hyperuricemia?

It can therefore only mean that at the time of an attack, acute or chronic, when testing is conducted—uric acid test—the levels have already subsided or are temporarily normal.

This phenomenon can happen due to a number of reasons. Patients who suddenly find themselves under attack without a history of hyperuricemia may not be able to saturate their blood (serum) at certain temperatures, especially those required for proper testing. It may also be due to hyperuricemia that is only triggered by outside causal factors such as obesity and alcoholism. When these patients suddenly stop the affecting cause, perhaps from previous experiences with gout, they suddenly become normouricemic (from normouricemia—a state/condition of normal uric acid levels). Finally, it may also be due to an undergoing treatment cycle with a uricosuric drug, which might have just kicked in during the attack itself.

Whichever way, such are just technicalities or odd coincidences that happen. Gout and uric acid cannot be separated by strict medical definition. If at all, the more real irony is persistent hyperuricemia from people who do everything to avoid it. Such cases are hereditary, or, a case of bad genes that allow their bodies to hyper-metabolize purines (uric acid comes from the breakdown of purines) even at minute levels. Learn more about this and gout in general from browsing our other articles.

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